I like reading books very much! I need to read more English foriegn books cuz Chinese books already do not satisfy me.

In the 21st, more and more people loves to enjoy the life as a "materialist". Chinese people, although got a huge progress in economic, politics, military and manufactory field, our culture competence are far worse than most foreign country especially Western country. So, some people said our people as a "race which lost spirit". Compared to our neighbor country, who also got extensive peogress in economic, manufactory feild, etc. Japan, with the logan of "leaping from Asia to Western". South Korea, as the Christian population skyrocketing, their spirituality is also far better than oueselves, that is astoning to us and even a "dangerous sign". 

Christianity supports a country to be powerful. as my point of view. Around 30-50A.D, one of apostles of Jesus Christ-Paul the Saint, visited Roman Empire and spread Christianity or Jesus Gospel to Roman people. Roman people gradually gave up their old belief to Olympics Gods and turned to face to the one real God-The Creator, Holy Father Jehovah with Holy Infanty Jesus Christ with Holy Spirit". When Constantine the Great finally accepted Christianity as "National Religion", eight of ten of Romans are Christians at all. Most European country held Christianity as national religion or citizens belief and as a common sense, European country are most powerful country in all kinds of fields in that generations or even today. What thing supports the powerfulness and the strenth-by coincidence?? Or the Christianity belif?? United States, although do not have a "contitutional national belief" but has most Christian population than any other country.About 2.5hmillion to 3hmillion people belived in Christ.

Can one really unravel the mystery of China? Perhaps not, but the country has risen to global superpower status. Accordingly, the Western world should learn more about the Chinese economy, diplomacy and culture. A better understanding of the Catholic Church in China could bear fruit as well. Catholics are not moving on a steady way in China, althogh the Chinese government acknnoledge the Catholicsm"legal religion"status, Catholics are not so popular in society, especialy in the government.


Although Christianity has recently moved into China, and had a glory time after the Culture Revolution. However, Chinese people loves to contruct lots of religious buildings including chapels and churches.China will redouble its efforts to nationalize Christianity, a senior Chinese official announced on last Thursday.

As-C students atitudes toward our school

I asked lotsof students in my class, and here are the opinions that I collected for a period. The first students in our class held a positive opinion to our campus, he that with the good education environment and the patient stuff, he enhoyed every classes and he concluded that "I will have the opportunity to enter the first step colledge in the future based on the education I have taken here.” Next, another classmate gave me a negtive eyesight, that he said he couldn't bare of the food in the dining hall. "The dish too greasy that I often had stomaccahe after the meal. So nowadays I am used to book that `take-out!" Third, a students conplained that our campus is always a construction site that the construction noise often affects the education environment in education zone. and she added that our libray in sstill in contruction and she "afraid loosing the chance to enjoy the right to use the library when she graduated"

Introduction of topic

Is Christianity expanding in China?

We all know that Christianity is the biggest and one of the most effective religious belief in the world. Moreover in common sense, Christianity is a general name for many different clans or organizations which members are "the Followers of Christ". The main clans including Catholics, Evanlegicals, Orthodoxes and other(e.g. Latter-day saints, etc) .


However, how is the situation in China?

Actually, as the evolution and development of society, Chirstian population is growing with a fast speed in our country. However, the spreding of the faith faced many difficults also. For the reason that the population base in China is such a big figure and the barricades of some executive reasons and so on.


This article aims to reavel the progression of the spreading of Christianity in China, how the progression being barricaded and the good future of this faith.

The Confessor - Daniel Silva

This book tells a thriller about a secret nbattle between Roman catholics. 

Does Santa Exist?: A Philosophical Investigation - Eric Kaplan

This book is super omoshiroi(interesting), but I only have read the Chinese version, I am very sudokina(expected) to read the English version which would help me know better how modern America know about secular stuff about philosophy.