Introduction of topic

Is Christianity expanding in China?

We all know that Christianity is the biggest and one of the most effective religious belief in the world. Moreover in common sense, Christianity is a general name for many different clans or organizations which members are "the Followers of Christ". The main clans including Catholics, Evanlegicals, Orthodoxes and other(e.g. Latter-day saints, etc) .


However, how is the situation in China?

Actually, as the evolution and development of society, Chirstian population is growing with a fast speed in our country. However, the spreding of the faith faced many difficults also. For the reason that the population base in China is such a big figure and the barricades of some executive reasons and so on.


This article aims to reavel the progression of the spreading of Christianity in China, how the progression being barricaded and the good future of this faith.