As-C students atitudes toward our school

I asked lotsof students in my class, and here are the opinions that I collected for a period. The first students in our class held a positive opinion to our campus, he that with the good education environment and the patient stuff, he enhoyed every classes and he concluded that "I will have the opportunity to enter the first step colledge in the future based on the education I have taken here.” Next, another classmate gave me a negtive eyesight, that he said he couldn't bare of the food in the dining hall. "The dish too greasy that I often had stomaccahe after the meal. So nowadays I am used to book that `take-out!" Third, a students conplained that our campus is always a construction site that the construction noise often affects the education environment in education zone. and she added that our libray in sstill in contruction and she "afraid loosing the chance to enjoy the right to use the library when she graduated"